Studio Fundamentals

Studio Fundamentals

Understand the concept of Rich Media and Dynamic Creative Optimization and start to deliver high impact and complex Rich Media creative executions.

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DoubleClick Studio is now known as Studio. This one day course has been designed to give new users an understanding of the technologies and processes that constitute the Studio platform.

In this session you'll gain insights of the full creative production funnel, from creative brief to Studio Q/A and live updates. We'll also highlight the importance of naming conventions and the communication funnel from client brief to creative updates.

Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to learn about Rich Media (RM), Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Data Driven Creatives (DDC).

Our Studio Fundamentals course is available as a private training or webinar session. We are happy to tailor the content to your business needs.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you’ll understand:

  • Studio Rich Media concept and development processes
  • How to develop Dynamic Creative Optimization campaigns
  • How to build and manage dynamic feeds
  • How to use right technical triggers to serve most relevant message
  • The importance of naming convention
  • Cross channels and cross devices delivery

Course Overview

    Studio Introduction

    • Why would you use it
    • Benefits of using Studio

    Relationship between Studio and CM / Display & Video 360

    • The Google Marketing Platform

    Rich Media with Studio

    • Process, specs and best practices
    • Standard vs Rich Media
    • Rich Media Process

    Dynamic Creative Optimization

    • Why and How?
    • From concept to creative brief
    • DCO at scale
    • Dynamic Content Ad Standard
    • DCO workflow

    Feed and creative template development

    • From concept to publish a feed
    • How to build a feed (in-platform demo)
    • Asset library
    • Feed requirements

Data Driven Creative

  • Concept
  • How to use data signals
  • Technical Dynamic Triggers
  • DDC across all channels
  • DDC at scale

Communication between each stakeholder

  • Kick of call
  • Best practices

Steps for Rich Media

  • Non- dynamic
  • Dynamic

Naming convention and Reporting

  • Naming your creative templates and events correctly
  • Importance of Reporting labels
  • From Studio to CM reporting
  • All Rich Media interactions and events / counters in CM
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Inspiring and knowledgeable trainer

Gained very practical advice that I could immediately put into practice.

Great environment for learning

The training was relevant, insightful and presented in a fun but professional manner.

They certainly know the digital world

Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.