Machine Learning Engineer Track

For Machine Learning engineers responsible for designing, building, and optimising Machine Learning models to solve business challenges.

Machine Learning Engineer Track

Managing Machine Learning Projects with Google Cloud


Master the art of translating real-life business problems into machine learning use cases, vetting them for feasibility and impact before conveying the requirements to other teams on this two-day course.

Google Cloud Fundamentals: Big Data & Machine Learning

Virtual/Private/Classroom Next course: 05 Aug

Looking to master Google Cloud’s big data and machine learning capabilities? Delve into the process, challenges and benefits of building big data pipelines and ML models with Vertex AI on this one-day course.

£595 ex VAT

Machine Learning on Google Cloud


What is machine learning, and what problems can it solve? Learn the ins and outs of how it is implemented and the role that tools such as Vertex AI, BQML, and Dataflow play on this five-day course.

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