Resilience for the Digital Age

Overcome stress in a world of accelerating change by developing your personal and organisation’s resilience in this highly experiential one day course.
1 day course
Supporting material
A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

In a world which is speeding up, with global competition, daily disruption, and blurred work: leisure boundaries, leaders and managers alike are under more pressure than they have ever been before.

On this course you will experience and explore tools and techniques which will enable you to not only survive, but thrive under the increasing pressures exerted in the digital workplace. You will walk-away with a kitbag of tools and behavioural approaches which will enable you and your team to manage and bounce-back from the challenges you’ll encounter every day.

The course is facilitated by experts in behavioural change and resilience who have extensive experience as c-suite leaders in business. They will draw on leading-edge research and the latest behavioural science to provide a highly experiential course that will inspire profound leadership development.

Our Resilience for the Digital Age course is offered as a private training session and can be delivered at our own training facilities in San Francisco or Baltimore or any location of your choice.

Course overview
Who should attend:

If you’re a leader who is serious about making the changes required so that you and your business can thrive and grow in the digital age, then this course is for you. Attendance will enable you to gain, ingrain and maintain personal resilience as well as to learn techniques and approaches that will embed greater resilience within your organisation.

Walk away with:
  • Enhanced resilience, self-awareness and an authentic leadership style that drives success in a constantly revolutionising digital world
  • Knowledge of what drives and damages your own and your organisation’s resilience
  • Know how to sustain your strength and leadership in challenging times
  • Understand how to promote and protect resilience in your team
  • A kitbag of tools to build, ingrain and maintain personal and organisational resilience in a VUCA world
Course agenda
What is resilience and how has it evolved in the digital age?
  • What does resilience mean to you?
  • Famous and impactful perspectives
  • New world: new pressures – managing self and other in a world which is always-on, with stretched workforces, disruption, competition, comparison and constant digital revolution
  • Patterns of resistance: resistance vs recovery vs transformation
Why is resilience important?
  • A pre-requisite in a VUCA world
Experiential session – Resilience Dashboards:
  • Complete your Resilience Dashboard
  • The effects of stress on you
  • Your current coping methods
  • The impact of the 4th industrial revolution
The Biology of Stress
  • Origins - The fight/flight mechanism
  • Psychological stress – and understanding psychological needs: belonging, worthiness, position, control…
Experiential learning: The Five Capabilities of Resilience Model
  • Gaining Perspective
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Purpose and Values
  • Growing Connections
  • Managing Energy
Building your resilience kitbag
  • Reflect on your personal learning
  • Create your kitbag for developing and maintaining resilience in a constantly revolutionising digital marketplace
Group challenges exercise
  • Benefit from the diverse knowledge, skills and behaviours of other course participants and solve your real-life digital resilience challenges using team coaching
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