GMP Digital Learning

Scaled Google Marketing Platform (GMP) learning for enterprises looking to take the next step in their digital maturity. Personalised for each individual.
Journeys start on our Learning Experience Platform. We quickly assess your development needs, match it to our GMP Certified Partner knowledge, then deliver suggested focus areas that enable you to do more.

Digital learning delivers groups of short actionable items that apply directly to the task at hand. By building on the knowledge your team already has, less time will be wasted finding and skipping through content. Instead, time will be focussed on upskilling and applying what's learned on the job.

Learning by doing makes it stick and produces output at the same time. Our content is written by experienced practitioners, working with some of the biggest brands. It stays updated, as are the recommendations. There’s no end to what your team can learn from us.

Find out how our Digital Learning on the GMP works
Make the learning your own

There’s more than one way to achieve results on the GMP tech stack. Upload your own content into the mix and make sure you capture and share internal knowledge and good practice in the same place.

Our learning platform allows for social learning and knowledge sharing; and gives you sentiment analysis reports on engagement in the background.

Download our content PDF to have a deeper look at how Google Marketing Platform knowledge builds into your focus areas. With over 100 in platform guides and demonstrations, our content is broad, deep and non-linear.

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Mini Labs and Hands-on sessions

To support the digital learning, you can blend in our facilitated Mini Labs or other hands-on sessions. We can run workshops where teams come together to explore, plan and do more. Or get your team hands-on with the tools in one of our training sessions, anywhere you are.

Blending learning is perfect for keeping up learner engagement as well as learning key skills and applying them at the right time.

If you’ve already had the benefit of training with us, why not subscribe to our digital offering as a reference points and place to keep those skills sharp.

For further information about the content we cover and how we can help your business with our GMP Digital Learning platform call us to discuss our requirements.
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