Digital Learning

We build large scale digital and blended learning products for your employees and learners.
Partner with us to build digital and blended learning products at scale for your learners, wherever they are.

Learning at scale requires digital and blended learning products. But learners are frustrated with the lack of focus on their needs and wants. Click next learning ‘modules’ make a bad impression on learners and rarely have the impact you want in your business.

Keep learners engaged and make an impact in your business by partnering with us on your next scaled solution. We’ll build you digital learning that’s truly different.

Focus on learner engagement

We create digital learning that focuses on what keeps your team engaged so they learn, and apply what they’ve learned back on the job.

We do this through:

  • Never wasting your learners time
  • Delivering the digital experiences they expect
  • Personalising learning to keep engagement high
  • Encouraging learning by doing and collaborating
  • Only using knowledge checks when it increases knowledge retention
  • Reaching your learners on their terms. Not forcing them to come to us
Focus on your business goals

We always build our learning programmes towards the capabilities of your audience needs. We do this by making the learning applicable to their day to day and giving them stretch tasks to work on.

Our learning is focused on the outcomes your audience need, to deliver towards the goals of your organisation. A simple multi-choice question will not have a business impact.

We perform in-depth analysis on learner engagement and tracking of resources accessed across teams. We can use this to correlate business measurements against the learner engagement and individual activities completed.

Get in touch and let’s partner on your next scaled learning programme.
We have trained thousands of people in South Africa and all over the world. Helping them to learn more and achieve more.