Cloud Engineer Track

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Cloud Engineer Track
Cloud Engineer Track
Cloud Engineering
For IT network professionals who are responsible for the implementation, deployment and maintenance of public cloud and hybrid cloud networking.
Cloud Engineering Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
1 day Next course: 07 Nov Virtual/Private/Classroom
Gain an overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products and services on this one-day course.
Cloud Engineering Architecting with Google Compute Engine
3 day Next course: 08 Nov Virtual/Private/Classroom
Gain an overview of the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform, with a focus on Compute Engine.
Cloud Engineering Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine
1 day Next course: 11 Nov Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to deploy, manage and scale containerized applications on Kubernetes, powered by Google Cloud on this one day instructor led course.