Mini Labs

Mini Labs are specially designed, outcome-driven workshops, built to support businesses through digital transformation challenges.

From 2 hours


For marketers of all levels

For groups of up to 15 from the same business

Private course

Mini Labs are specially designed, outcome-driven workshops, built to help businesses progress through Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Digital Maturity Framework; a measure of how an organisation performs across the 6 dimensions of digital marketing efficiency and profitability.

Using your current business situation as a real-life case study, Mini Labs will facilitate your team to build an approach that tackles the challenges at hand, and ensures team members are accountable for follow-up actions to increase your digital maturity.

Who could benefit from Mini Labs?

Businesses and teams of all sizes can benefit from increasing their digital maturity via Mini Labs; as sessions are outcome-driven, they are especially helpful when the business has a particular challenge in mind, or a task to complete.

Whether you’re gearing up for annual planning or building a full digital team from scratch, we’ll have Mini Labs to suit your needs. Alternatively, please give us a call and we can discuss the best combination of labs to help you achieve your aims.

Only 2% of businesses use insights and technology to create useful, relevant experiences at multiple moments across the purchase journey.*

Source: Research into data-driven marketing maturity by BCG finds

Finding the right Mini Lab

Mini Labs are interactive workshops where the facilitator (Jellyfish trainer) explains objectives and empowers the delegates to find their own answers - and build their own roadmaps.

Live class
Step 1
Identify where you need the most support or see the greatest opportunity

Each Mini Lab has been created based on 1 or more of 6 dimensions dimensions that impact data-driven marketing maturity*. See our Mini Lab pack (PDF) for more details.

  • Dimensions
  • Attribution
  • Assets and ads
  • Audience
  • Access
  • Automation
  • Organisation

* Based on Google’s in-depth research with BCG

Live class
Step 2
Identify where on the digital maturity scale your organisation sits.

If you already know your maturity level, or just need to double check, the maturity matrixMini Lab pack (PDF) can help. If you're not sure, speak to one of our team, or use Google's Digital Maturity assessment to identify your level.

  • Maturity levels
  • Nascent
  • Emerging
  • Connected
  • Multi-moment
Live class
Step 3
Based on Steps 1 and 2, identify which Mini Lab or Labs best suits your current situation.

Choosing labs for the correct maturity level will ensure the outcome of your sessions will help you reach the next stage within the Digital Maturity framework.

Learn more about dimensions & maturity levels with our Jellyfish Training Mini Lab pack
Identify your dimension and maturity level
For further information about the content we cover and how we can help your business with our Mini Labs, call us to discuss your requirements.
Mini Lab categories

Mini Labs are categorised into six dimensions:

Accurately measure and value customer touchpoints

Deliver attention-driving, intuitive experiences across digital touchpoints

Organise data to identify, understand and influence the most valuable audiences throughout the sales funnel

Efficiently reach your identified audiences across all ad inventory types and channels, with the right levels of control

Optimise marketing operations to drive profitability and growth

Improve decision-making and results by working collaboratively across teams and with specialised partners

Unlike lecture-style sessions, Mini Labs are structured to facilitate outcomes. During the sessions, teams will build a roadmap that includes timelines and accountabilities in order to facilitate improvement in your digital maturity.
Mini Labs are for teams of varying backgrounds; not only for marketing teams. Mini Labs work best when a range of disciplines are represented. This can help to gather the information needed to build your roadmap.

Mini Labs are for up to 15 people from the same business. A member of the jellyfish Training team will contact you to discuss the date of the training and for learners names and email addresses at post purchase.

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