Display & Video 360

Execute campaigns, leverage targeting capabilities and reports

Display & Video 360 is the world’s most utilised demand-side platform (DSP) providing trading desks, agencies, and advertisers with transparent media planning and buying across ad exchanges.

Our comprehensive range of courses will teach you how to execute programmatic campaigns, leverage targeting capabilities and reporting within the Display & Video 360 platform.

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Display & Video 360
Our Display & Video 360 courses provide advertisers, marketing teams and traders with the skills to work smarter in programmatic buying.
A Guide to Data Management Platforms
1 day Next course: 15 Sep
If you want to understand how to set up and manage a Data Management Platform (DMP), this one day course covers the key functions and principles for success.
A Guide to In-Housing for C-Levels
1 day Next course: 14 Sep
Learn what it takes to build an in-house trading desk on this one day masterclass that provides a comprehensive guide to in-housing for C-Levels.
Display & Video 360 Fundamentals
Next course: 08 Sep
Gain an in-depth insight into the fundamentals of Display & Video 360 and how it works.
Practices for Success in Display & Video 360
1 day Next course: 10 Aug
Grow your programmatic trader skill set and understand best practices for campaign setup, optimisation and reporting.
Data Targeting in Display & Video 360
Next course: 16 Sep
Gain advanced skills within Display & Video 360 around Data Targeting application, optimisation and reporting.
Multi-channel Campaigns in Display & Video 360
1 day Next course: 03 Sep
Become an omni-channel specialist by learning the techniques to be able to manage different campaigns within the Display & Video 360 platform.
Brand Safety in Display & Video 360
1 day Next course: 09 Sep
Learn techniques to protect your brand in the programmatic space and maximise user exposure online.
YouTube Buying in Display & Video 360
1 day Next course: 04 Sep
Gain an overview of how to buy YouTube Advertising programmatically via Display & Video 360 and effectively run and optimise your video campaigns.
Audience & Activation Strategy in DV360
1 day Next course: 02 Sep
Learn how to develop a powerful cross-channel audience targeting strategy to deliver a personalised user experience.
Negotiation, set up and troubleshooting PMPs
1 day Next course: 21 Sep
Learn how to negotiate on scale when purchasing inventory and understand the efficiencies that private marketplaces bring to programmatic buying.
Traders Best Practices
1 day Next course: 22 Sep
Identify ways to improve the performance of your programmatic campaigns and gain an in-depth insight into the optimisation levels available in Display & Video 360.