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Google Optimize & Optimize 360

Learn how to plan and action the implementation of Optimize & Optimize 360 on this one day course.
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1 day course
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Classroom, Private
Face to face, interactive classroom training run from our global training centres.
A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

As a Google certified partner for Optimize 360, we’re committed to helping you get the most value out of testing & personalising for your key user groups.

This one day course is led by one of our Optimisation practitioners, who are experienced across all industries and will demonstrate how Google Optimize and Optimize 360 can help you identify which journeys work best for your business.

This course covers the best practices around the deployment and use of Optimize & Optimize 360, including the integrations with GMP, an overview on testing, targeting, personalisation, and more.

By going through this course and the use case scenarios provided, you will be able to use Optimize from initial set-up to final test and build a strong testing foundation to tackle any future.

Our Google Optimize & Optimize 360 course is available at our training centre in The Shard, London. We also offer private training at a location of your choice.

Course overview
Who should attend:
Whether you’re an Optimisation rookie or CRO pro, this course is for anyone who wants to know more about Google Optimize and Optimize 360 and how they can use it to maximise conversion rate optimisation efforts.
Walk away with the ability to:
  • Set-up and implement Optimize
  • Create and launch a range of experiments
  • Target and personalise to specific audiences
  • Report any metric to answer the infinite questions that arise from data
  • Improve your knowledge of the tool to be the best optimizer you can be!
Course agenda
Introduction to Optimization
  • Fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Qualitative & Quantitative investigations
  • Methodology
Getting started
  • Benefits of Optimize & Optimize 360
  • Google Marketing Platform integrations (inc. Google Ads)
  • Statistical Methodology
  • Account structure, setup and linking
  • Ways to implement Google Optimize
Features Walk-through
  • Experiment types
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Creating Variants
  • Objectives
  • Preview / QA
Hands on practice
  • Ideate optimization hypotheses
  • Setup & Target your test
  • Use the visual editor to build
  • Launch your campaign
  • Weekly Reporting in Optimize
  • Create and deploy personalisations
  • Deep dive in GA
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