User Experience Design

Learn how to create digital experiences that make customers more likely to react positively to your brand on this 10 week online User Experience Design course delivered by our partner Red & Yellow.
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UX is one of the most important considerations for digital marketing touching everything from web and mobile design to SEO, social media and eCommerce. The better the user experience, the more likely a customer is to react positively towards your company and its services.
This course will help you understand why UX is important and why designing with the user in mind is so crucial.

You’ll learn how to integrate UX into everything you do online – from crafting user-friendly websites to increasing your conversions through to testing.
Course overview
Who should attend:
This course is perfect if you’re a current or aspiring web designer, web developer, UX practitioner, content manager or marketing strategist. It’s great for those seeking to understand more about how users think, behave and engage to help improve the experience when customers have digital interactions with a brand leading to higher satisfaction and conversions.
Walk away with the ability to:
  • Understand the importance and benefits of UX design
  • Design user friendly websites that delight, rather than frustrate
  • Create digital experiences that make customers react positively to your brand
  • Understand how functionality needs to adapt across devices and channels to ensure optimal user satisfaction
  • Be able to use rich user data to continuously improve and optimise your website offering
Course Agenda
Module 1: Introduction to User Experience
  • Grasp the fundamental principles of good UX design
  • Explain where UX fits into the lifecycle of a project
  • Identify good and bad example of UX in the real world and online
Module 2: Understanding the User
  • Research the business you’re working with to analyse what UX considerations are most applicable
  • Understand how to research and interpret data
  • Know how to define the target audience and tailor the experience for their specific needs
Module 3: Information Architecture
  • Develop an information architecture for a website
  • Analyse content and design a content strategy
  • Build a sitemap that factors in navigation, search and functionality
Module 4: Web Design
  • Devise a style guide
  • Understand the relationship between visual design and usability
  • Identify the components of web development and how they factor into the process
Module 5: Building the Interface
  • Create a wireframe and prototyping tools
  • Build forms that deliver on the desired outcome
  • Write content that answers both search engine optimisation and user needs
Module 6: UX is mobile
  • Design user experiences that meet the needs of mobile audiences
  • Have a form grasp of the essential principles when designing for mobile
  • Understand the key factors that define what makes an app work, or not
Module 7: UX Testing
  • Conduct a clearly structure and useful user testraffic and conversion metrics
  • Choose the right methodologies for user-testing needs
  • Summarise, communicate and implement the results of your user-testing
Research Project
  • Weeks 8 & 9 are for the research project where you’ll delve into wireframing and protyping a digital application with best UX principles in mind.
How the course works
The course is completely entirely online on the Red & Yellow learning platform. The course involves:
  • 7 modules (1 per week)
  • 8 assignments (1 per week, mix of quizzes and written questions)
  • 1 research project (completed over the duration of the course)
  • 8-10 hours of study per week (including reading the course notes, further research and assignments)
  • The first week is dedicated to familiarising yourself with the online learning platform (virtual classroom) and meet the team that’ll support you during this upskilling process. Then in weeks 2-10, you'll start delving into the learning modules.
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User Experience Design
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Upcoming courses
User Experience Design
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